Here you can find a selection of the services we are able to offer. Please contact us for more information using the contact form below

Hardware Design Services

We can help you with product development in the hardware area such as

    • Hardware architecture and concept studies

    • BOM cost calculation

    • Schematics (Orcad)

    • PCB Layout (Orcad / Allegro)

    • High-Speed design (signal / power integrity)

    • RF design including basic antenna design

    • Prototyping in our own lab

    • Transfer to volume production

Software Design Services

Along with the hardware there is usually also a need for embedded software design. Here we are experienced in the following areas and would be happy to discuss further details with you

    • LoRaWAN complete software solution

    • MCU programming

      • STM32 Cortex-M, L0 through F7 versions

      • TI MSP430

      • Various 8051 flavors

      • Microchip PIC

    • Crypto solutions

    • Embedded Linux, both ARM and x86

    • Production test software

    • Real-Time programming, (FreeRTOS for example)