LR210 and LR260 LoRa Relay Controller

The LR210 and LR260 are both DIN mounted LoRa relay controllers featuring 2 fully isolated separate relays. Each relay is capable of switching up to a 10A 250V AC or a 30V DC 5A load.

By implementing a Class C LoRa device the LR210 and LR260 are able to perform relay switching with low latency compared to the more common LoRa Class A devices. A Class C LoRa device has the downlink always enabled compared to in a typical battery powered Class A device where downlink is only possible after each uplink.

LR210 is powered directly from mains power, no separate AC to DC power conversion is needed. LR260 is a DC powered version supporting a 8V to 30V DC input range.


Device operations

The LR210/LR260 is easy to control over a standard LoRaWAN network. Once joined on the network, periodic uplinks are transmitted showing the current status of both relay channels and an approximate device temperature. At any time, a downlink command can be transmitted to the LR210/LR260 asking it to change a relay channel on or off. To acknowledge receipt of a downlink command to change relay state, the LR210/LR260 transmits a new uplink relay status message as an acknowledge.

In addition to controlling the relays additional downlink command are available to configure and control the device remotely. Please refer the the LR210/LR260 manual for more information

EU Declaration of conformity

LR210/260 conforms to the following harmonised standards or other normative documents:

Electromagnetic compatibility

By EMC directive 2014/30/EU


By low voltage directive 2014/35/EU


By radio equipment directive 2014/53/EU


Please reference the full product manual below

LR210 LR260 Manual 1.5.pdf


The LR210/LR260 is available now, please contact for more details.

Demo Video

Below is a short demo video showing the LR210 in a lab environment, here the LoRa network server is sending a new downlink control to the LR210 every 2 seconds for demonstration and test purposes.